Scoresheets, Diagrams & Call Sheets

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Basic Walk Jog Tests
Basic Walk Jog Lope Tests
Challenge Walk Jog Tests
Challenge Walk Jog Lope Tests
Vaquero Style Challenge
Walk Jog Tests
Vaquero Style Challenge
Walk Jog Lope Tests
Partnership Tests
Gaited Walk, Intermediate Gait Tests
Gaited Walk,  Intermediate Gait, Lope Tests

Rules & Guidelines

Cowboy Dressage Rules and Guidelines

The Courts

Cowboy Dressage Courts
Ribbon Classification Ribbons		Test Score Purple 		75 and Above  Blue 			69-74 Red			60-68  White			54-59    Green			53 and Under Soft Feel Award	8.0

Playdays, Schooling & Regional Entry Form

Play Day Oct 2 nd Topeka, Kansas
Midwest Regional Gathering & Show: Nov. 05 th -07 th  Lyons, Kansas ENTRY FORM MUST BE POSTMARKED 10 DAYS PRIOR TO SHOW DATE
Regional Form  PDF Rules & Guidelines Rules & Guidelines new! Submit Regional Gathering Show Form & Pay Online
Kansas High Point Award & Rules
Kansas Cowboy Dressage Event Release Form

Point Sheet

We are asking members to log their points for the 2020 Gathering season to accumulate towards the high point award at the end of the season. Eligible categories include: Ride in full day clinic*: 20 points (max 40 per year) Auditor at clinic*: 5 points per day *KCDA sponsored clinics/ events and Schooling Shows only. Volunteer at a KCDA Event: 5 points per 2 hour shift (max 30 points) Ride in a KCDA schooling show: 15 points Ride in Kansas KCDA Regional Gathering: 20 points per day plus points for top 2 ribbons per day ** ** Points for top 2 ribbons: 5 –Purple, 4-Blue, 3- Red, 2-White, and 1-Green High point belt buckle winner in each category must skip a year before earning another belt buckle award, however, they are eligible for reserve high point.
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Documents for the Exhibitor

Point Sheet Point Sheet The Courts The Courts Test Scoresheets, Diagrams & Call Sheets Test Scoresheets, Diagrams & Call Sheets Schooling & Regional Entry Form Schooling & Regional Entry Form Page Up Page Up Page Up Page Up Page Up Page Up
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